Hawaiian Cement and its predecessor companies have a history of supporting the state's construction needs going back to 1939. Our Halawa Valley Quarry opened that year and was actually one of the Navy's World War II Oʻahu quarries. A year later our rock crushing plant was set up, both of these being operated by the Clarke-Halawa Rock Co. Ltd. However, in 1959 the Halawa quarrying operation was bought by Pacific Cement & Aggregates Inc. In April of the same year, the Hawaiian Cement Co. was formed to build a facility in Barbers Point on Oʻahu to manufacture cement. The Hawaiian Cement plant opened on Friday, August 12, 1960, becoming the first cement plant in Hawaiʻi since World War II. After almost 40 years of business it closed down as Hawaiian Cement's new owners, Knife River Corp. of North Dakota, set up a bulk cement receiving facility to import cement to Oʻahu. Today, the Cement Division imports cement and operates cement distribution terminals at all main Hawaiian harbors, and the Concrete and Aggregate Divisions have crushers in Halawa Valley and Puʻunene, Maui.